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Rustic Cake decorated with fresh roses made by Rebecca Lewis, Campbell, New York

I love to cook and bake. I have been cooking and baking from a very young age ... my mother went back to work when my sister and I were in middle school, so there was an agreement made, she would buy what ever we (my sister and I) were interested in learning to cook and she would do the dishes. This worked out well and has given me many years of practice and enjoyment.

I was a Registered Nurse for 14 years. I loved my work but decided to quit that job and stay home with my children when my youngest was 2.

Shop vignette Simply Stated Antiques and Interiors

I co-owned an antique shop. I loved the thrill of finding new treasures to bring into the space for clients. It was also nice to have my kids join me at the shop when they got done with school so they didn't need to go to a babysitter. For now, I still find treasures for myself, to decorate the home but I haven't gotten back into selling these items quite yet.... It's always a possibility though.

2019 R. L. Studio Portraiture Collection

I am a portrait photographer. I have been taking photographs for years and my first camera was a Kodak 110. My first "real" camera was a Canon 35mm given to me by my late grandfather. I officially made the leap 11 years ago and opened my studio to create beautiful portraits for women and their families. My work has occasionally included other genres such as: maternity, personal branding, newborn and infant portraits, as well as product photography.

1854 Home Autumn Dahlias

I absolutely LOVE flowers! I could photograph them for days on end. Freshly cut or dried and wilted. They always deserve their own photo session.

2023 Inspiration Atelier art still life

I am excited to have the time to create art and share it with you at this moment in time.

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