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what is inspiration atelier?

Inspiration Atelier is my art space. It's a beautiful space, filled with lots of light and room to paint, do photography, read, listen to music, and dream. Water color paint, acrylic paint, ink, photographs, paper, fabric, digital art and flowers are a few mediums I enjoy incorporating into my artistic activities. And I want to share it with you.

As time moves forward, carefully curated collections of my designs and artwork will be made available exclusively for 1854 Home. These designs will be available on stationary, home decor, fabric, and gift items.

Achieving my dream of sharing beautiful art with you has taken time and research. My goal has been to provide you with beautiful quality products, while realizing the importance of minimizing the amount of waste and cutting out excess inventory that sits on shelves. The solution is to work with sources who will custom print, on-demand, each product once you place your order. Once you have purchased your desired item(s), they will then be shipped directly to you.

I am excited to share the first of many designs to come. Take a look! There are 9 collections of Valentine's Day Flat Wrap Gift Paper this season. Choose the collection that speaks to you.

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